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Brainteaser #3

This is a brainteaser / math problem that Elliot, a fellow PM at eBay, asked me today.  Again, please don’t spoil this by posting an answer via comments.

Problem: Convert 8 (base 10) to base -1.

Have fun, math geeks!


Brain Teasers 1 & 2

I was exchanging brainteasers with a colleague at work today and decided that I would start posting some here… just as a fun (sometimes frustrating) pastime to keep those gears turning.

Please don’t spoil this by posting answers via comments.

The following two are from my friend Julia.

  1. An individual goes up a hill at 20mph. At what speed will he have to come down the hill to double his average speed for the entire trip?
  2. You have a balance scale and a bar that is 40 inches long and 40 pounds heavy. Every 1 inch increment of the bar weighs 1 pound. You are allowed to cut the bar 3 times. Where would you cut the bar in order to measure every integer from 1 to 40 using the balance scale?

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