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Art I love: Gerhard Richter

I’ve decided to dedicate posts to art that moves me.  I won’t attempt to write a perspective on the pieces, or the artists.  I’m mostly posting them to build my own catalog of captivating work.

Here’s the first: Gerhard Richter.richter_descending I saw his work on display at the SF Moma a few years ago.  I was drawn in by the photographic nature of his paintings, but fell in love with their ethereal quality… To me his paintings depict each scene as it would appear in a dream segment.  I’m completely mesmerized by his work and would love to watch him putting brush to canvas.

Anyway, the painting included here is one of my favorites: “Frau, di Treppe herabgehend (Woman Descending the Staircase)”.  The original stands at about 6 feet in length.   And it’s stunning.

You can see more of his work here but I highly recommend catching a Richter exhibit and experiencing his genius in person.


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