We’re not in Kheda anymore.

My virgin American eyes are bleeding…

A co-worker brought in a copy of Men’s Health and said I should take a look. At first I was like, “oh, an Indian dude on the cover of Men’s Health – awesome!” And then I realized that it was the May 2008 issue of Men’s Health India. Curiously, I proceeded to skim through the pages… Good photography, similar format to Men’s Health US (I have two male roommates)… Definitely more progressive than I would have expected from the country of my forebears… And then I saw it. A full page photo of a sexy brown (female) butt, with article, labeled “Hind Games.” Graphic. Detailed. And far more explicit than anything I’ve read in the American version. Here’s a clever little euphemism from the article: “Remember the Highway Code: never change lanes without indicating.”

And there you have it. Men’s Health magazine… from the creators of the Kama Sutra.


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